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Universitas tua

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¿ What is Universitas Tua?

The University of free individual.

The freedom of teaching and learning is not an essential right but allows a greater fluidity of knowledge thanks to which societies prosper '

We believe in university teaching based on individual initiative. We believe that no one better than the student knows what he can contribute and no one better than the teacher himself knows what to teach.

For this reason, Universitas Tua is a project whose objective is to offer a space in that you can teach what I really want to teach and learn what really interests you without the interference of any rigid top-down study plan 

If you are a teacher who wants to create your own online course or seminar, we encourage you to send us your proposal. We take it into consideration, we will analyze its viability and, in all cases, we will be grateful for your interest.


Also, if you want to learn something about a specific subject, we will be interested in knowing. Although we cannot guarantee to open a course, we will highly consider your academic interest.

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